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    I am a Texas Board Certified Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) with a Masters in Clinical Social Work from Loyola University Chicago. With more than 30 years of experience, I have had the privilege of working with many diverse populations in a variety of therapy and non-profit settings.

    In my private practice, I enjoy working with teens 14 years and older, young adults, women, and parents. My combined education and clinical experience has prepared me to specialize in adolescent social and emotional development struggles such as anxiety, depression, peer conflict, teen dating and body image as well as young adult adjustment, women’s issues, relational trauma and parent-child conflict.

    As a dynamic and highly sought after public speaker, I offer engaging and interactive presentations for parents, students, and teachers as well as the National Charity League, Young Men’s Service League and corporations in Dallas and out of state. Some of my most requested topics are teen dating relationships, anxiety, self care, peer pressure, bullying, social media, resilience, the parent-child bond, and sexual health.

    A third component of my practice is teaching sexual health education in public and private middle and high schools. To ensure I am providing quality, evidence-supported and age-appropriate material to students and parents, I compiled a comprehensive curriculum with a broad range of topics that address the most relevant issues facing today’s youth. At the foundation of all the curriculum lessons is the importance of developing a strong sense of self and tools to foster healthy relationships throughout the lifespan.

    I am passionate about all facets of my work. Whether we are working together in therapy, or you attend one of my speaking engagements my goal is to empower my clients and audiences to cultivate the tools they need to navigate life’s challenges, have more fulfilling relationships and gain a greater sense of insight and resilience.