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    Sexual Health

    Curriculum Description

    My Connections Sexual Health Education Curriculum was designed specifically for public and private middle and high school age students. The curriculum follows SIECUS (Sexual Information and Education Council of the United States) guidelines and includes age-appropriate, medically accurate, evidence-informed information on a broad set of topics and concepts related to human sexuality. Concepts include human development, reproduction, relationships, personal skills, contraception, media, and disease prevention. Each Connections lesson intends to provide students with opportunities to develop a useful set of skills and knowledge for establishing and maintaining healthy relationships across the lifespan. ALL Connections lessons were carefully developed to ensure a diversity of values, inclusivity, dignity, and self-worth of each student and their family.

    Connections consists of more than 17 topics and an inclusive parent component. Each student lesson is designed to be taught in 45-minute – 1.5-hour sessions. Lessons can be expanded or modified to meet the needs of each unique educational environment. The majority of Connections lessons are taught in gender-specific classes. Lessons, curriculum material and content advances to align with the student’s developmental maturity.

    Connections is a shame-free, whole-child curriculum that examines all aspects of sexual health throughout the human life cycle. The curriculum operates on the fundamental belief that parents and guardians are their child’s primary sexual health educators and role models. Connections works collaboratively with parents to educate them on the necessity of early sexual health education and foster parent-child communication about topics related to sexual health.


    Sexual health education is “a lifelong process of acquiring information and forming attitudes, beliefs, and values about such important topics as identity, relationships, and intimacy” (SIECUS, Guidelines, 2004). Sexual health education addresses the biological, socio-cultural, psychological, and spiritual dimensions of sexuality from the cognitive domain (information); the affective domain (feelings, values and attitudes); and the behavioral domain (communication, decision-making, and other relevant personal skills)” (SIECUS, On the Right Track, 2004). The overall goal of sexual health education is to provide young people with the knowledge and skills to promote their health and well-being as they mature into sexually healthy adults (SIECUS, Guidelines, 2004).

    Sexual Health Programs

    Alcuin School – Upper Elementary and Middle School (2016-2020)
    Greenhill Middle School (2017-2021)
    Parish Episcopal School – Middle School (2021)

    Curriculum Topics

    • Anatomy and Reproduction
    • Boundaries
    • Consent
    • Contraception and STI’s
    • Friendship
    • Gender Identity
    • Pornography
    • Puberty and Hygiene
    • Safe Touch
    • Self Harm
    • Social Media
    • Teen Relationships
    • Values and Decision Making